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Leader Lake, Forest & Mountain (Sjö, Skog & Fjäll in Swedish) is located in northern Sweden, bordering Norway. It consists of the municipalities of Berg, Härjedalen, Krokom, Åre & Östersund. We have, through the local partnership LAG, produced a development strategy for Community Led Local Development 2014-2020.

Synopsis of developement strategy

The foundation of this strategy is the developmental needs as they have been described by the local inhabitants and the partnership. The needs have mainly dealt with infrastructure, improving the prerequisites for entrepreneurship, cooperation, meeting points, the preservation of nature and cultural history, supporting the tourist industry, sustainability, innovation, education, integration and the developmental potential of the agriculture and forestry sector. After having performed an analysis of the needs of this region, six overall objectives were established:

  • Improved resilience in local businesses,
  • Increased innovation and driving force in the region,
  • Increased glocal cooperation,
  • Exemplary inclusion of everyone in society,
  • Improved infrastructure and
  • Improved well-being and health.

Through these objectives, we believe that in 2022 Leader Sjö Skog & Fjäll will be a leading example with regards to social inclusion. The inhabitants will be healthy, innovative and have an increased driving force. Local businesses have been given infrastructural prerequisites and can expand. We are a countryside with vivid local communities where nature and culture is available to one and all. The Local Action Group will, with help from the partnership, use their communication plan to actively ensure that these objectives are achieved.

Leader Sjö, Skog & Fjäll is taking part in two international cooperation projects:

Echoes/Kulturella bygder


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